Michael Fall


Michael Fall


Michael Fall has been rocking the decks since he was fifteen, when he rifled through his parent's record collection and started experimenting with the controls on their old record player. He grew up in a profoundly musical household, his parents being musicians encouraged Michael to begin trumpet lessons. He now concentrates on using his musical education in his production skills.


He is nonetheless a completely self-taught DJ, buying all the necessary gear with money saved up from a part-time job as a waiter and learning the skills needed by bringing a new piece of musical technology home, plugging it in, and pushing all the buttons until something happened. The first records he bought were progressive house vinyl’s & cd’s in local record shops around age 12. He began playing in local bars, parties and clubs in his home country Belgium, getting his first break when he had the opportunity to play on a party for a big dance radio station in Belgium. He has since enjoyed success, blowing up dance floors across the globe. He has shared the decks with a lot of famous and well known dj’s . Michael is also a prolific and respected producer, having released an album and over 30 singles.


His most recent tracks, “Pleasure seekers, Turn on your radio, La Bonita (Feat. Fatman Scoop) Body on fire and Vixen ” have been charted in different international dance charts combined with support from some leading DJs and signed on some important international record labels.


Michaels musical style reflects his Progressive house influences.......from dance, modernist integral serialism, house fusion, all distilled down to pure, crystalline progressive house . He’s not limited to dance, instead combining disco, house, glitch, and progressive house to create a new sound. Michael Fall released his debut album ‘Turn on your radio’ in June 2013 and it was listed for two weeks in the Belgium Ultratop Album Top 200 list. In 2013 Michael received a golden record for his album.



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