Stefan K


Stefan K


Sometimes in life you stand on a crossroad, a crossroad that smiles at you in a way you don’t quite know if it’s a happy smile or one that juts tries to lure in that direction.

Growing up in a family where (at first) becoming a well educated businessman was more important than following your dream, Stefan followed the path of completing studies and working in several companies while also being educated in a wide variety of music at the same time.


Where his dad played the guitar and got him interested in music at a young age, Stefan developed a broad taste is music listening to Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Donald Fagan, Prince and Michael Jackson to name just a few. Music that layed the base for all that was to come later in life.


Then in 2005 Stefan had been clubbing in the famous Now&Wow nightclub in Rotterdam, many places in Amsterdam and Belgium for a while and some of his friends were starting with DJ’ing, something he not only appreciated, but also wanted to try himself. After uncountable hours of practice, his first gig at a local club and some further development of something of an own sound he felt he needed a step up to fulfill his needs.


Belgian superclub Versuz gave him the opportunity to really take this step up. Being picked up by the management he became the first Dutch resident DJ in the Belgian club after not more than 2 years of DJ’ing. This gave him the opportunity to further develop his specific sound.

Now, 6 years later, he has been a resident dj at Versuz for 6 years, played at Tomorrowland festival 4 times, been to Ministry Of Sound in London and Pacha in Egypt, DJ’ed in Bulgaria... and with a package of around 50 releases on labels such as Form&Function, Influential House, Blackhole, Recovery House and Urbana Recordings (upcoming) to name just a few, Stefan is at yet another crossroad of stepping up his game again.


Playing and producing his way into the likes of many international Dj’s his name has been buzzin’ for quite some time now and it’s without saying that you will be hearing a lot more from him in the near future....



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