Tom Leclercq


Tom Leclercq


Since the day he was born Tom has been infected by a virus called 'MUSIC', growing up only made it stronger so he decided to do something with it... Years of passion, practice and sweat resulted in a DJ career starting in the early ninetees when he swapped 'all round music' for 'club and house music'.


From that time on he has been long term resident in some of Belgium's most important clubs such as Ex- treme, Zillion and currently at Versuz. Next to his residencies he was also invited all over Europe playing at Pacha-Ibiza, Nature One-Germany, Love Parade and more recently Sensation White and Tomorrowland.


His style is not so easy to subscribe but we'll give it a try anyway: the music he brings is mainly House with some techy, funky and groovy influences. Next to DJ-ing he also tries to spend some time in the studio, teaming up with PUSH he created Aspiral, and some other releases to be found in the discography. More releases are on its way so keep an eye on the Versuz Essentials label.

Final quote: "The most essential thing in a set is the groove, if you hit that right you can make any crowd go wild!!"



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